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Wednesday, August 03, 2011



This morning my husband is having surgery to have a spinal cord stimulator implanted AGAIN.  I am sitting here at the surgical center waiting for him to get out of surgery.  I didn't want to dress up to just sit in a waiting room but I didn't want to go without NOT wearing at least 1-2 pieces of Stella & Dot.  Though I'm dressed casually I still managed to put on some great earrings...the new Jezebel necklace and a fabulous bracelet.  Even if you are sitting in a waiting room, running to the grocery store, picking up dinner from your favorite restaurant, you can still look fabulous! The good thing about Stella & Dot is you can have an old t-shirt on that looks shabby-add a piece or two of Stella & Dot and you look totally different and fabulous! This is like no other jewelry....very hip....very INSTYLE...and very"IN"..

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Monday, August 01, 2011

Today was a nice day! It was a busy, but productive day! Since losing all this weight one of the fun things I do every morning is figuring out what to wear to work! Today I decided to wear a favorite new blue shirt over a black sleeveless shirt along with black slacks.  And for accessories...it was my BRAND NEW STELLA & DOT ISADORA PEARL BIB!  I really love this necklace!
Here is a pic of me wearing it today...