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Saturday, March 05, 2011

The past month has been very eventful.  It started off about 3 1/2 weeks ago with a kidney stone waking me up out of a deep sleep at 4am in the morning.  I had no idea at the time it was a kidney stone and was in extreme pain.  Since I had the gastric bypass surgery my sister (who lives across the street) decided against driving me to the hospital and called an ambulance. 

I had never been in that kind of pain before except maybe when I broke my left arm really bad.  Anyway...it was awful and I was begging for relief.  After having a CT scan at the emergency room it was determined I had a 2mm kidney stone that was only half way to my bladder.  I got two pain shots at the emergency room and then they sent me home with 7 prescriptions.  Almost two weeks after the emergency room visit the kidney stone decided to move again which caused me great pain and literally put me in the bed for the weekend.  After the weekend was over the pain subsides and I go on with my days.  Then this past Wednesday I get a phone call from the a nurse out of the radiology department.  She states that when the radiologist was looking over my CT scan that he saw something suspicious on my pancreas.  As you can imagine this news turned my world upside down.  I get an appt the same day with my primary care doctor and they get it set up for me to have another CT scan but with contract (the dye).
I get the contrasting CT scan the next day and on Friday I hear from doctor that everything is okay with my pancreas...THANK GOD....but my liver enzymes are slightly elevated by it could be because of the surgery.  Also my beloved kidney stone has now made it's way to my bladder.  So hopefully I will be passing it very soon.

As far as the gastric bypass surgery is concerned I'm doing great!! I've lost 52 lbs. so far and trying to walk at least twice a day.  I basically eat to live not live to eat.  I'm never hungry and only eat because I have to eat.  I still crave chocolate but I don't eat much because one I don't want my much and two too much will make me feel bad. 

That's been the last month....

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