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Saturday, July 09, 2011

Last night we had our Journey Team from church over to our house.  It was combination get together.  We celebrated the upcoming marriage of two of our JTeam members, Shannon & Paul and the 50th birthday of my hubby Phillip!  His birthday is actually today, July 9th! Happy 50th Birthday Hubby!
It was fun having my jteam over and getting together.  We don't meet regularly during the summer because of everyone going on family vacations and so forth so we were all glad to come together.
Everyone made an appetizer that Shannon and Paul might like to serve at their wedding.  It was "tasting" and boy did we all taste.  There were some great appetizers made and Shannon and Paul were able to come up with a list of them they liked.  Now we are all going to make the appetizers they chose for them as a wedding gift to them.  It will be great! I was able to eat most of the food but of course not much at all.  One of my favorite things were the chocolate covered strawberries.  OMG! Maribeth Weikle you made the best ones I've ever eaten.  They were perfect. 

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