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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Lately it seems I watch a lot of "reality tv shows".  The newest shows are Cupcake Wars, Swamp People,
Buck Commander, and there are many many more.  It seems that everyone is interested in the daily life of everyone else.  It got me to thinking if anyone would be interested in my daily life?  Would you want to watch me roll out of bed at 5:15am most mornings to let the dogs out, make the coffee, feed the dogs, and get dressed to go walking at 5:30 am? Would you want to watch me pick out my clothes to wear for the day....watch me deal with members....and watch me go on my shopping trips?

I don't hunt alligators....I don't hunt deer....I don't fish ....I don't have 19 kids and counting.....and I'm not a police woman!!  So I think if I did some exciting job or had some off the wall hobby I could be famous!! So all fo this got me to thinking....what could I do that everyone would be interested and would want to watch me everyday?  If you come up with something....please let me know. 


Kim2011 said...

That would draw a big following if you found the right partner to do it with!ou could do synchronized swimming!

Mary Clark said...

Kim...if memory serves me correctly...I use to have a partner in synchronized swimming! And we were really really good! LOL