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Monday, February 20, 2012

My son Ben has really become a great cook.  He has really gotten into "grilling" and making his own recipes for different foods.  This weekend I requested that he make me a chicken/cheese quesadilla.  I thought he was going to put in some Velveeta cheese but he said "no".  He did use cheese but it was a shredded Mexican type of cheese.  It didn't have added tomatoes or mushrooms in it because none of eat that but it was basically chicken and cheese in a yummy soft shell tortilla.  You could easily top it off with some sour cream and salsa.  Anyway.... it was delicious!

Since my gastric bypass surgery I have found that soft shell tortillas agree with me.  So this will now become my new "thing" to eat.

Thanks Ben.....for a yummy Sunday lunch!

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