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Saturday, December 17, 2011

Merry Christmas!!

A week from today will be Christmas Eve!! This Christmas season has flown by but really this entire year has flown.  I feel like I just packed up my Christmas decorations from last Christmas.  I've now brought them all back out again.  I love my ornaments and the ones that I most treasure are the ones that my boys made when they were little.

 I have one ornament on my tree that my parents use to put on their tree every year.  There is nothing special about it but it was my favorite ornament growing up.  Thank God they kept it all those years and that I actually was able to get it. 

Then there is the ornament that I painted myself in the 2nd grade.  I remember when I painted it and was so very proud of myself.  It has been on my Christmas tree ever since I painted it.  Here it is...a pair of old timey ice skates. 

And then there are the new ornaments that represent where I live....the good ole south....so here's to all of my family and friends.......

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