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Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Yesterday I met a woman that absolutely broke my heart.  But at the same time I was amazed at her courage and her faith. She was an retired older black woman who was dressed nicely but casually.  She came in with an issue with her account that I had to get our back office to do some research as to why a transfer had happened.  While we were waiting for a call back I sat there and talked to Ms. P. 

This woman had buried a husband of 52 years in 2008.  She lost him to cancer.  Two years later she buried her only daughter (who had 7 children of her own).  She too died of cancer.  Last September (2010) she buried her 25 year old grandson.  He had a recording studio and was gunned down as he and two other guys were leaving.  This family sang gospel.  They never caught the shooter/killer.  But they believe he was mistaken for someone else.  Then just (3) weeks ago she buried a son.  He was working construction in St Louis and fell off the house they were building and died. 

As I sat that and listened to all of this horrible stuff I was also amazed at the courage and strength this woman had.  She never shed a tear but told me about her family with the biggest smile. I kept thinking to myself how is this woman even getting out of bed every day?  Then I answered it.  The only way she is able to function and move on with her life is through the grace of God.  Only God can pull us through such horrible events in our lives.  I can't imagine NOT having HIM in my life. 

She reminded me that we have to thank God for not just what he is going to do for us but what he has done for us.  She kept saying that she thanked God everyday for giving her Mr. P and her children for as long as He did.  She told me that she was going back to work at her little part time job.  She stated she really didn't need to work but did it because she enjoyed being out and about.  She couldn't stand staying at home and doing nothing. 

I loved her attitude and her very strong faith.  I can't imagine burying one of my children much less two.  When she got up to leave my office she told me that she was holding me up but she enjoyed talking to me.  I believe she needed to talk about her family and I needed to hear her story.  Her faith gave me hope that I can handle anything with God's help.  Thank you Ms. P for sharing your story.

Then as an added note:  Today I found out that an elderly couple that we have been really working with and their daughter both died yesterday.  The man died first and then 15 minutes later, the Mrs. died.  They were both in bad health but she still had a good memory and mind.  He did not.  I believe when they told her he died ...she couldn't handle it and died.  They were in their late 80's. 


debjdarby said...

This story is really encouraging, Mary. What a privilege to meet someone like Ms. P to give you hope to keep on going no matter what happens! Thanks for sharing it. The story of the elderly couple and the dying of a broken heart...not so much :0(

Victoria Fennelle said...

Sad but beautiful. Women are the strongest creatures on earth. Both my grannies have buried two of their sons, one was my dad. He died at the age of 48. Both of these women held it together and did what they had to do with not a tear shed. I was a mess just because these were my uncles and dad. They gave me strength when I should have been giving it to them.

Mary Clark said...

Thanks Deb and Vickie! I got to see Mrs. P again this week. She just hugged me and told me that she appreciated me helping her that day and listening to her. She told me that she was not having a good day that day and guess she needed to talk. I replied to her, "Mrs. P God has a way of putting people in our paths when we need them. You needed to talk that day and I needed to hear your story." She said "I guess you are right, but thank you." If she only knew how much she touched me!