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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Okay so I went to post a blog on my old "blogspot" account and some how google decided they would combine an old blogger account with my blogspot account making my old blogger account the primary account.  What does this mean?  It means I do not have access to edit or compose anything on my blogspot account that I currently use. So...I was able to link my blogs to my new account so I wouldn't totally lose them.  It's so hard at times to be a good blogger. 

I got up this morning thinking I would go to Weight Watchers very early and do the dreaded weigh in and then head over to Home Depot to pick up some "chocolate" stain for our deck.  This is yet to happen.  I've skipped the weigh in but I will get over to H.D.

Ever since I started to watching "Hoarders" on the A & E channel I have been cleaning, throwing out, and organizing.  Not that I was a hoarder but I did have my share of "good" junk.  But after watching the show, especially for one entire day, I felt it was time to just get rid of stuff.  I am finding that the less stuff I have the better I can think clearly and function.  I like things to be organized and put away in their proper place.  Do I put it away like that every time?  Not always but I try.

The next goal is to clean out the two closets in my hallway.  Now they are bad but when I'm through with them they will be so nice.  Then...it will be Phillip's side of the closet.  I did mine already.  I am seriously thinking of having a closet system made for it so things will be very organized and that all space is utilized.  The older I get the more I realize the importance of organization and less stuff.  Who wants to manage all that junk?

So today is all about deck staining and de-junking!!  

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