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Tuesday, September 07, 2010


Written:  May 26,2010

I'm still very excited about my upcoming weight loss surgery.  More than likely it will be October when I have it.  I wish it were tomorrow.  I have now completed everything they have asked me to do except for the 6 month physician supervised diet...which I'm in the process of completing.
I have been to the 3 hour seminar with Dr. Chasen.  He went over extensively all the different types of weight loss surgeries....the pros and the cons.  He showed us a video of one of his surgeries.  We even got to see all the surgical tools used in performing weight loss surgery.  It was all very informative.
Next I had my appointment with the dietician (who has had the lap band...which she had problems with) and then eventually had the gastric bypass.  She went over everything about eating...portions...and what to completely stay away from.  It too was very informative.
Then I had the appointment with the PSYCHOLOGIST. Loved talking to her!  Very laid back and made me feel so at ease. After talking to her for about an hour she determined that I was more than ready for this surgery and knew exactly what I was doing and how my life would change.  It was a good visit.
The last thing I had to do was have an endoscope procedure.  Dr. Chasen does those himself.  He likes to be able to see for himself where he is going.  I did have a small hiatal hernia (sp?) but he said not big enough to do anything about.  Other than that...everything looked great!
Today I saw my regular doctor who is monitoring my diet for the six months.  He is excited for me and said I was the perfect person for this surgery and that he said it was going to be a very good thing for me.  I love Dr. Thurmond.
I have my next (4) doctor visits scheduled to see Dr. Thurmond until the surgery.  I see Dr. Chasen next week for a follow up.  It's all going into place and I can't wait.
No more yo-yo dieting....and more of feeling great...having energy...and being healthier.  
The cute clothes I will get to wear...the looking better are all icing on the cake.  The mere fact that I will be healthier and will add years to my life is the BIG PRIZE!
More to come later....

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I'm so excited for you Mary! :-)


Mz. V