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Monday, September 06, 2010

I've been saving these blogs about my journey until I was ready to reveal my upcoming plan!
I am very excited about this life changing event and I hope what I have to say about all of this gives some people clarity and understanding about weight loss surgery!

Written: April 24, 2010

Last week I finally made the BIG decision to go see a Bariatric dr.  I have toyed with idea of weight loss surgery for several years but could never make up my mind to take the big step. After years of yo-yo dieting and fear of all the possible diseases I could get from my obesity, I decided that weight loss surgery is the way to go at this point.  So I made the appointment.
Prior to the appointment I did attend a mini seminar about weight loss surgery.  The doctor who I will be seeing is the one that presented the information which is one thing I really liked about him.  HE was the one telling me about it-not one of his staff members.  After hearing him at the seminar I was even more determined to do this.  After verifying with my insurance that they did cover the procedure then I was sure this is what I wanted to do.
I made the appointment and low and behold...I actually went!  LOL The appointment consisted of course....getting your weight and height.  I stepped on these scales that looked like they were designed for a very large cow!  I'm overweight but not THAT BIG!  But I do realize some people are! Then I sat down with Dr. Chasen (who is nationally certified in weight loss surgery) and he got to know ME!  He was very funny and after talking to him for just that hour I felt like I had known him for years.  He really made me feel very much at ease.  He just laid it out on the line what my BMI was and basically I am morbidly obese and I now realize that ALOT of people are MORBIDLY  OBESE.  Lots!
So....after talking to him he determines that over the majority of my adult life I have battled my weight.  Slowly in stages I have added a few pounds over time.  There were some traumatic events that helped with adding the weight  but basically it just crept up on me.  All very true!
Next, the wonderful friendly staff make all of my appointments to follow.
My first appointment (April 22,2010) was a 3 hour seminar with Dr. Chasen and many others who are considering weight loss surgery.  During this 3 hour seminar, Dr. Chasen (not a staff member) goes over in great detail the (4) possible weight loss surgeries.  
1) Lap Band Surgery
2) Sleeve Gastrectomy
3) Gastric Bypass
4) Duodenal Switch
He talked about each type of surgery's success rate, the failure rate, etc.
We also were able to see video of Dr. Chasen peforming a gastric bypass.  That was very interesting,  He had all the tools that are used and passed those around for us all to see.  He answered every question asked and he made sure we all understood that this surgery is "life changing"!  I walked away even more motivated to have this surgery.  I am more at risk for "NOT HAVING" the surgery than I am for "having it".  It greatly reduces my risk for heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and other diseases related to being morbidly overweight.
Twelve Facts about Obesity  
Obesity is not excess fat...obesity is a disease!
Obesity is caused in part of multiple predisposing factors.
Obesity is caused in part by a system of habits.
Obesity is caused in part by a system of beliefs.
Obesity is caused in part by a lack of knowledge.
Obesity is a disease of the body's metabolism and weight "set points".
Obesity is life long.
Obese patients are not weak, stupid or lazy.
Obese patients can not permanently lose weight by trying harder.
False: After weight loss surgery you can eat what ever you want..you just eat less.
After weight loss surgery you must change your habits.  
My next appointment:  May 5th (I meet with the dietician and the psychologist.  The meeting with the dietician is 1 1/2 hours long.  I have to fill out a 3 day diet prior to this visit.  I have videos and tons of homework to do prior to seeing the psychologist  as well.
This is just another meeting to make sure I am mentally prepared to have this surgery.
I will blog about those appointments afterwards.  
**Just a note...my insurance requires me to be on a physician supervised diet for 6 consecutive months.  WEight watchers is a approved diet to follow.  So....here I go again..to Weight Watchers...to show to the insurance company....I cannot lose it on my own.  So...I play their game.......but guess what..."I will win"!
MORE TO COME...........


The Daily Blonde said...

You're gorgeous and a very cool chick...so cheers to whatever you do!! :)

debjdarby said...

WOW, Mary! This is good. You know we'll be praying for you every step of the way on In the Battle, so make sure to keep us posted over there. Here's to a healthier temple! <3

Judy Reed said...

Absolutely thrilled for you! I can't wait to watch the results!

vicki said...

I think this amazing Mary and I think just starting the process has put a real spring in your step