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Sunday, September 05, 2010

((I originally posted this on another site January 12th and wanted to move it to where my other blogs were.) Needless to say...I haven't been back to the gym....but I'm going...that will be another blog.) LOL
Well tonight (Jan. 12th) I finally took the plunge and went to my first aerobic class in 20 years. It wasn’t any high impact or advanced class, but as basic as basic can be when it comes to exercising. A couple of co-workers encouraged me to go since I’ve been paying for this membership to the Family Y for several months and have yet to grace the place with my presence.
When I drove up to the car filled parking lot, I almost turned around and went back home. I thought to myself how in the world are you going to walk in that place in front of God knows who and get on a piece of equipment that I don’t really know how to work? I called my friend Toyia who was already inside waiting on me and told her that I just thought I better go in the morning, but she kept at me and I went.
I went straight in and got right on some type of bike and acted like I knew what I was doing but I didn’t. Then walks in my other co-worker/friend, Tiffany. She informs us that we are all going to do the aerobics class that starts in five minutes. I of course gave them my many heartfelt regrets and kept peddling that bike. They gave me dirty looks but left for the infamous aerobics room. I thought to myself “whew….that was close, and I’m off the hook.” One minute later Tiff comes back out and says “you are coming to the class. Get off the bike and join the class. There are only 5 people in there.” So…I get off the bike. Like what kind of “hold” does she have over me? She’s not my mother!!
I enter this room…with a wall of full of mirrors, step benches, 3–5 lb weights, rubber bands (whatever they are call) and floor mats. The worst item was the mirrors. I already knew I was overweight but I certainly didn’t need a mirror to show it to me even more. I decide I’m going to stay in the back. I’m getting all comfortable in my little spot and here comes Mr. Trainer. He introduces himself to me and ask me about my exercise past, injuries, etc. I state that I have no injuries of yet and that I haven’t participated in an aerobics class in 20 years. He grabs my hand and tells me that he wants me in the front where he can watch me very closely. Oh my gosh…I’m doomed. Now I have to exhibit my behind in front of the entire class. Just what I wanted to do tonight. Drawing attention to myself was the last dang thing I wanted to do…and now…I’m the center.
So all of this got me to thinking about how we treat God. He so much wants to be the “center of our lives” and so many times we want to put him on the back row. Like the instructor wanted to watch me closely…God too wants to watch you closely. He wants to the be the center of your life and he wants you to watch HIM closely and follow his lead. The more I go to that class and watch my instructor, the more in shape I will be in as well. When I let God become of the center of my life, the more my life becomes in shape with his blessings and grace.
Now let me go find that Advil….........

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