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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Today I went to a baby shower that was at 10:30am.  I really liked going to a baby shower that early.  It made me get up  and get dressed and then I still had most of my day left to do what I wanted to or needed to do.  Hubby and I ended up heading over to Old Navy to get me some $2 tank tops.  I needed some because its only 100 degrees around here...and I need them to wear when I go walking.  They were picked over but I did get several of them and a few of some others that were a few dollars more.  I also bought two pairs of shorts to workout in.  They were a little tight but a size up would have been too big.  So I was happy with my purchases. 

Then we walked next door to Michaels and I bought some more cupcake holders and some tips to decorate the cupcakes with too.  I'm really into this cupcake making and I have yet to make the first cupcake.  Maybe tonight I will have enough energy to make some.  Of course I wont' be able to eat them but someone else can enjoy them. 

Now I'm to Lowe's to pick out some new handles for my cabinet in our bathroom since I painted it black.  It's going to be an offwhite/black bathroom.  It's not my choice for now...but it will do until I redo the whole thing in the fall. 

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